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Expired Domains Are the Best Strategy to Fast-Forward Your SEO Success

With ChatGPT and similar AI tools making writing relevant and engaging content as easy as clicking a few buttons, SEO is going back to the basics: links and authority. And the fast-track way to authority are aged domains.

Aged domains, also known as Expired or Expiring domains, are domain names that have reached the end of the registration period and have not been renewed by their owner.

All of the hard work the previous owner did can be yours if you snatch one of these domains. The domain history, authority, content (if you do it right), and, most importantly, backlinks.

By buying an aged domain, you can get immediate access to years of built-up authority in the niche of your choice.

Three Ways of Using Expired Domains to Dominate the First Page of Google

There are three main ways of using aged domains in your SEO strategy, and I've listed them here from easiest to hardest.

1. Redirect the domain for immediate authority boost

The first one, and by far the easiest one, is to redirect the aged domain to your website. If you're feeling brave, you can simply redirect it to your homepage to pass authority and in most cases it'll significantly improve your rankings.

But, for the best results, create a new subpage with content relevant to the aged domain, then redirect the domain to that subpage.

2. Build a niche website and get a jump-start

The second way to use an expired domain is to create a new website on it. A new domain takes a long time to gain authority in the eyes of Google, so if you can skip the first few (and hardest) steps, then you'll be ranking and making money much, much faster.

The idea is this: find an aged domain relevant to your niche and use it as the base for your new niche website. Recreate the most powerful subpages, add your own content, and you're good to go.

3. Build a PBN and rank multiple websites

The last way to use expiring domains is to build your own Private Blog Network. A PBN is a group of blogs under your control, built with aged domains for the purposes of linking to your money sites.

This is a common tactic used by SEOs all over the world, especially agencies since you can use one PBN blog for linking to multiple sites. Buy the aged domain, recreate most of the old content, then start adding your new content with links to your websites.

It takes the longest time and requires multiple domains but it also allows you to boost multiple websites, not just one.

BONUS tip: resell domains for quick profit

There's one more way to earn money with aged domains: resell them, either as plain domains or fully rebuilt websites.

Video: How to Use SEO Domain Finder to Find the Best Expired Domains

SDF is amazingly easy to use. Use the filters to narrow down to the domains that best suit your needs. Filter by domain types, sources, number of backlinks, Majestic's Citation Flow and Trust Flow, Moz Domain Authority, and a lot of other things.

You can also search for specific keywords or TLDs with the search field. You can save the most commonly used filters and get notified immediately when new relevant domains get added to the database.

Drill down in your research with the domain preview, where you can see the Web Archive screenshots, domain history, SEO metrics and backlinks.

If you like a domain and it's not available for immediate purchase, like on an auction, add it to your watchlist. Domains are in your watchlist until you remove them, or they get registered. This is an easy way to track domains on auctions.

SDF covers all large domain marketplaces and auction sites and puts everything into one easily searchable database. You can choose from auction domains, buy now domains, or dropped domains which are free to register immediately.

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