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Get Ahead of the Game: Buying Aged Domains for SEO in 2023

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Published: 2023/08/16 By: Dejan Murko

Are you looking to gain a competitive edge in the world of SEO? Buying aged domains for SEO might just be the secret weapon you’ve been searching for. These domains, rich in history and often accompanied by valuable SEO attributes, can help your website bypass common obstacles and accelerate your climb to the top of search engine rankings. But before you dive into the world of aged domains, it’s essential to understand their benefits, risks, and how to evaluate them for SEO success. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the world of buying aged domains for SEO and help you make an informed decision for your website’s future.

Short Summary

  • Aged domains offer advantages for SEO performance, such as faster indexing and pre-existing backlinks.
  • Risks associated with aged domains should be taken into consideration when purchasing one, including penalties from search engines and irrelevant or toxic backlinks.
  • Evaluating an aged domain involves checking its age & history, analyzing the backlink profile & assessing relevance to maximize potential SEO benefits.

The Benefits of Aged Domains for SEO

Aged domains, also known as expired domains, offer several key advantages that can boost your website’s SEO performance. One of the primary reasons digital marketers and SEOs seek out an expired or aged domain is their potential for rebuilding or repurposing an expired domain as a niche-specific target domain for ranking or affiliate projects. By leveraging expired domains, businesses can capitalize on the inherent trustworthiness and history associated with aged domains, making a strategic move to improve their online presence.

The benefits of aged domains for SEO boil down to three main factors: faster indexing by search engines, higher domain authority, and pre-existing backlinks. Let’s delve deeper into each of these benefits to better understand the advantages of incorporating aged domains into your SEO strategy.

Faster Indexing by Search Engines

Faster indexing by search engines is a significant advantage of aged domains, as it allows them to bypass the Google “sandbox” period and rank more quickly than new domains. The Google “sandbox” period is a probationary period for new domains during which they are not immediately ranked. Aged domains, with their pre-existing backlinks and history, can circumvent this period and start ranking faster, making them a smart strategy for businesses looking to improve their online presence.

The ability to bypass the “sandbox” effect means that your new website can begin to see results more quickly, and you can focus your efforts on optimizing your content and user experience to further improve your search rankings. This faster indexing allows aged domains to hit the ground running, providing an immediate boost to your website’s search engine visibility.

Higher Domain Authority

Domain authority is a crucial metric in the world of SEO, as it can impact your search engine rankings and the level of trust users place in your website. Aged domains often come with higher domain authority thanks to their pre-existing backlinks and established history. This higher domain authority can lead to improved search engine rankings, making your website more visible to potential visitors.

When you buy an aged domain, you’re essentially acquiring a pre-established foundation of trust and authority that new domains simply don’t have. This foundation can be a powerful asset, especially for a brand new site looking to make an immediate impact in a competitive niche. With a higher domain authority, your website has a better chance of ranking above others in search engine results, allowing you to attract more organic traffic and grow your online presence more rapidly.

Pre-existing Backlinks

The third benefit of aged domains is the presence of pre-existing backlinks, which can save you time and resources on link building efforts. Aged domains often come with a pre-built network of backlinks from relevant and authoritative sources, which can provide an immediate SEO advantage.

The importance of backlinks cannot be overstated, as they play a critical role in determining your website’s overall SEO performance. By leveraging an aged domain with a strong backlink profile, you can reduce the time and resources needed for link building and focus on other aspects of your SEO strategy. This can ultimately lead to faster growth and a stronger online presence for your website.

Risks Associated with Aged Domains

While the benefits of aged domains are undeniable, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks associated with them. Some of the risks include potential Google penalties, irrelevant or toxic backlinks, and the possibility of previous misuse or spammy content. Being aware of these risks and taking the necessary precautions can help you avoid potential pitfalls and make the most of your aged domain purchase.

In the following sections, we’ll explore each of these risks in more detail and provide guidance on how to mitigate them when acquiring aged domains.

Google Penalties

Google penalties can result from using aged domains with unrelated content or low-quality links, negatively impacting search rankings. These penalties can impede your website’s organic traffic, hindering its growth prospects. It’s crucial to ensure that the content and links associated with your aged domain align with your website’s niche and meet search engine guidelines.

In case your aged domain has been issued a manual penalty from Google, you can submit a reconsideration request to inform Google that the site has been acquired and any issues have been rectified. By staying vigilant and proactive in addressing potential penalties, you can protect your website’s search rankings and maintain a healthy online presence.

Irrelevant or Toxic Backlinks

Irrelevant or toxic backlinks can harm a website’s SEO performance, making it crucial to analyze and clean up the backlink profile of an aged domain. These low-quality links can negatively impact your website’s search engine rankings and even lead to penalties from search engines like Google.

To address this issue, you can submit a link disavow file to Google, which will help remove low-quality links from your aged domain’s backlink profile. By regularly monitoring and cleaning up your backlink profile, you can ensure that your website maintains its SEO advantage and continues to perform well in search engine rankings.

Previous Misuse or Spammy Content

Previous misuse or spammy content on an aged domain can lead to poor search rankings and user experience, so it’s essential to ensure the domain’s history is clean. This includes investigating the domain for any instances of keyword stuffing, link spamming, or other black hat SEO strategies.

To verify the integrity of the domain’s history, assess the domain’s backlink profile for any suspicious or spammy links, and investigate its age and history to confirm it has not been used for malicious purposes.

By thoroughly vetting your aged domain’s history and addressing any issues, you can protect your website from potential penalties and maintain its strong SEO performance.

Evaluating Aged Domains for SEO Success

Now that you understand the benefits and risks associated with aged domains, it’s important to know how to evaluate them for SEO success. This process involves checking the domain age and history, analyzing the backlink profile, and assessing domain authority and relevance. By thoroughly evaluating an aged domain, you can ensure that it aligns with your SEO strategy and provides the greatest potential for improving your website’s search rankings.

In the following sections, we’ll explore each of these evaluation steps in more detail, providing you with the tools and knowledge necessary to make an informed decision when purchasing aged domains.

Checking Domain Age and History

To check the domain’s age and history, you can use tools like WHOIS and the Wayback Machine. These tools provide valuable information about the domain’s registration date, renewal date, and any changes in ownership through a domain registrar. By investigating the domain’s age and history, you can gain insights into its past performance and potential SEO value.

Gathering this information can help you determine if the aged domain is a good fit for your website and if it has a clean history free of any misuse or spammy content. This thorough evaluation process can save you from potential issues down the line, ensuring that your aged domain acquisition is a success.

Analyzing Backlink Profile

A strong backlink profile is crucial for SEO success, so it’s essential to analyze the backlink profile of an aged domain before purchasing it. Tools such as Ahrefs or Majestic can help you determine the quantity and quality of backlinks pointing to the domain.

Evaluating the backlink profile allows you to ensure that the aged domain has high-quality, relevant links that will benefit your website’s SEO performance. By carefully analyzing the backlink profile, you can avoid potential pitfalls associated with irrelevant or toxic backlinks and make the most of your aged domain purchase.

Assessing Domain Authority and Relevance

Assessing the domain authority and relevance of an aged domain is a crucial step in the evaluation process. Tools such as Moz or SEMrush can be used to measure the domain’s authority and relevance to your target keywords.

By ensuring that the aged domain has a high domain authority and aligns with your website’s niche, you can maximize the potential SEO benefits of your purchase, including acquiring valuable SEO domains. A thorough assessment of domain authority and relevance can help you make an informed decision and set your website up for long-term success in search engine rankings, especially when targeting niche relevant sites.

Top Marketplaces to Buy Aged Domains

If you’re ready to start searching for the perfect aged domain, there are several top marketplaces to choose from, including GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet, and DropCatch. These platforms offer a wide selection of domains with varying levels of SEO value, making it easier for you to find the ideal aged domain for your website.

In the following sections, we’ll provide an overview of each marketplace, highlighting their unique features and advantages, to help you make an informed decision when purchasing aged domains.

GoDaddy Auctions

GoDaddy Auctions is a popular marketplace for buying aged domains, with a user-friendly interface and a wide selection of domains at various price points. Domains on GoDaddy Auctions are transacted through an auction process, allowing you to compete with other buyers and secure your desired domain at a competitive price.

In addition to its extensive inventory of aged domains, GoDaddy Auctions offers competitive pricing, transparency and verification, an established marketplace, and a convenient bidding process. These features make GoDaddy Auctions an excellent choice for purchasing aged domains and kickstarting your website’s SEO performance.


NameJet is another industry-leading domain name auction site, offering a range of aged domains with various levels of SEO value. NameJet provides numerous advantages for acquiring aged domains, such as resale auctions for expired and deleting domain names, anonymity in the bidding process, no backorders, and the use of specialized domain software to showcase available expired domains.

One unique feature of NameJet is its deposit requirement for successful bids, ensuring that buyers are committed to their purchases. This added level of security makes NameJet a reliable option for buying aged domains and boosting your website’s SEO performance.


DropCatch is an auction site that specializes in aged domains, offering a large inventory of dropped domains that can be easily searched by TLD, keyword, and renewal status. This user-friendly search functionality makes it easy to find the perfect aged domain for your website, allowing you to focus on domains that align with your niche and SEO goals.

In addition to its extensive selection of aged domains, DropCatch provides a straightforward auction process for those looking to buy expired domains, ensuring a smooth and efficient purchasing experience. With its user-friendly interface and vast domain inventory, DropCatch is a top choice for finding and purchasing aged domains that can boost your website’s SEO performance.


Aged domains can be a powerful asset for enhancing your website’s SEO performance and gaining a competitive edge in search engine rankings. By understanding the benefits, risks, and evaluation process, you can make an informed decision when purchasing aged domains and set your website up for long-term success. With top marketplaces like GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet, and DropCatch at your disposal, finding the perfect aged domain has never been easier. So, take the leap and start leveraging aged domains to propel your website to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do aged domains help SEO?

Aged domains can be beneficial for SEO purposes, but should not be the only element relied upon to achieve high search engine rankings.

Choosing the right redirecting site is critical for making the most out of aged domain utilization.

How do I buy an expired domain for SEO?

To buy an expired domain for SEO, you can use a domain registrar such as GoDaddy and point the entire domain using a 301 redirect to your primary website. This will help you improve your website’s authority and eventually get a higher authority site.

Make sure to measure the results of your SEO efforts after a couple of weeks.

Is it profitable to buy expired domains?

Buying expired domains can be very profitable when done correctly, as experienced domain investors know how to purchase them and increase their SEO value in order to resell them for a higher price.

They understand the importance of researching the domain’s history, analyzing the backlinks, and assessing the domain’s overall SEO value. They also know how to use various tools to identify the best domains to buy.

Once they have identified a domain, they can then identify a domain.

Does buying multiple domains help SEO?

Having multiple domains can help SEO, as it allows you to target a broader selection of keywords and phrases, add power to your SEO strategy, and reach your audience more effectively through traditional print marketing.

However, it is important to understand the process and make sure you are executing the strategy properly in order to get the desired results.

What risks are associated with aged domains?

Aged domains may be associated with potential Google penalties, irrelevant or toxic backlinks, and misuse of spammy content, all of which can compromise a website’s reputation.

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